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In Office Plan

In Office Plan

in office plan Buford, GA

Traditional Dental Insurance plans continue to rise in cost year after year. As a result, many of our dental patients are seeking new ways to receive affordable dental care. At Buford Family Dental, we offer our Lifetime In-Office Plan to all of our patients regardless of age. The Lifetime Plan is available to individuals and families up to four members. Below are some of the many advantages our Plan provides:

• No age restriction
• No insurance plan needed
• No waiting periods
• No confusing insurance forms
• No deductibles
• No maximum benefits
• No missing tooth clauses

Upon signing up for our Lifetime Plan, you will receive:
• Up to 30% off major procedures!

Our Lifetime Plan is available for just an affordable, one-time fee. You can become a lifetime member of the Lifetime Plan for only $99 for an individual or $199 for a family of four. This Lifetime Plan will result in hundreds of dollars in annual insurance premium cost savings! Call or visit Buford Family Dental today and ask our friendly team for more information.