Not Everyone Wanted A “Metal”

Weren’t the winter Olympics so exciting to watch this year? For most of us, we struggled to get anything else accomplished during that time because we were glued to our television, waiting to see who got the next Olympic medal. Which sport had your attention? Curling is so intriguing, how do they do that? It looks so easy, however it requires so much skill and precision. We’re all experiencing a bit of Olympic withdrawal, but no one is complaining that winter is almost over and spring is here!

Do you ever envision yourself on an Olympic winner’s block biting or kissing your Olympic medal? Buford Family Dental hopes all of your medal dreams come true. However, one medal we’re helping you avoid is metal in your mouth.

Buford Family Dental offers a revolutionary orthodontic treatment that does not utilize metal wires, brackets, and bands. Invisalign is Buford Family Dental’s most proven and preferred solution for your crooked, gapped, under bite, overbite, crowding and misalignment. This option will fit into your lifestyle and help you retain your healthy and confident smile during and after your treatment.

Metal braces have many disadvantages. They are visually very noticeable. Metal braces are also difficult to navigate when brushing and flossing. Your mouth may become sore and irritated due to the rubbing of the metal wires on the inside of your mouth. Sugary substances may be difficult for you to remove, which can lead to cavities.

Dr. Patel and Dr. Finot love offering patients at Buford Family Dental with the orthodontic treatment of Invisalign. You will experience a metal-free mouth that leads to a virtually invisible process using the clear retainers that gradually correct your orthodontic issues. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation for your metal-free orthodontics.